Dr. Riccardo Aquino

  • Dentist.
  • Specialist in oral surgery.
  • Expert in regenerative surgical techniques with autologous materials and biomaterials.
  • Sole Administrator of Teslab.
  • Spin-off of the academic and scientific advisory company.

Dr. Anthony Graziano

  • Dentist.
  • Doctor in Biomedical Technology applied in dentistry.
  • Expert in biotechnology techniques.
  • Doctor in Applied Biotechnology in Dentistry.
  • Teaches Biotechnology applied to medicine is in the Biotechnology Center of Temple University in Philadelphia and in the Master in Periodontics at the University of Turin.

The idea of ​​developing a technology to regenerate tissues was born from the need to have a protocol for a fast, efficient and simple to use treatment, but at the same time extremely efficient. Therefore, it can provide both the doctor and the surgeon with a tool capable of selecting viable autologous micrografts. These micrografts, processed in Rigenera are used in the injury of the same patient to help accelerate healing.

This technology, although simple, is very effective and avoids cellular manipulation and thus does not incur technical and regulatory problems.

The device from an industrial point of view is produced according to the instructions of the creators of CTSV, leader in biotechnology and scientific equipment with which the inventors have worked together for years. Production cycles and production lines are protected by commercial secrecy.

This innovative technology has already been successfully tested in countless controlled clinical trials conducted at a university hospital and whose results were published in international journals. Rigenera is a reliable product for many applications and its use in the medical world is exponential due to its unique, fast, simple and effective nature.

The technology achieves that the mechanical disintegration and filtration of any solid micrograft in just two minutes, is done in a versatile way for use in any healthcare space.