Quality policy

According to the quality required for the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015, REGENERA ACTIVA S.L. activity is:

Worldwide distribution of medical and health products for regenerative medicine.

The declaration of the Quality Policy includes the following guidelines:

  1. Commitment to keep the applicable requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Flexibility in attending the demands of the customers.
  3. Deep knowledge of the product, even at a scientific level.
  4. Truthful scientific, strategic and commercial communication, in all directions.
  5. Collaboration, communication and continuous relationship with the manufacturer and the distributors.
  6. Implementation of a quality standard, as well as realizing a follow-up of its progress, in such a way that it allows us to know and ensure the desired level of quality for our client.
  7. Optimal working conditions for all employees, by evaluating the risks that may occur in the processes and eliminating them as much as possible.
  8. Development of continuous training programs, aimed at the best qualification of our employees, always involving all staff in the achievement of all the set objectives.
  9. Continuous improvement of the management system implemented in the company.
  10. Motivating environment for all members of the company.

The business’s management makes this policy accessible to its customers, employees, suppliers and any interest group (stakeholders).

The Policy is kept up-to-date through periodic reviews in order to take into account the changes that may appear.

The business’s management provides and will provide all the human, technical and economic means necessary to achieve the established objectives and goals of the company.

Alexandre Andreu Dedeu